About Pemco Casters

Why Pemco?

  • Servicing the needs of the global caster retail industry for over 60 years
  • The undisputed leader in the shopping cart wheel and caster market
  • Large breadth of products
  • Unsurpassed product knowledge
  • Designer and manufacturer of the the industry leader "red ring" KasterKat® wheel
  • Best value at multiple price points
  • Access to the resources of the largest caster and wheel company in the world--The Colson Group, Inc.
  • Dual manufacturing capabilities (Domestic and Offshore) but most products are produced in the USA
  • Automated manufacturing process produces high volume products with consistent quality
  • In-house engineering support
  • Flexible container programs

Pemco Innovation ... Key Patents

  • Inverted kingpin swivel fork design 1964
  • Original Pemco wheel bearing design, (basis for current design) 1974
  • Shock absorbing wheel bearing design 1982
  • Rotary table for injection molding shopping cart wheels 1984
  • Flex bracket, spring steel rear horn for shopping carts 1986
  • Original adjustable tensioner wheel design 1991
  • Conductive, Antistatic wheel design 2004
  • Self actuating centrifugal brake 2009
  • Over 50 other patents


  • Access to multiple stamping presses up to 300 tons
  • Access to multiple molding presses up to 480 tons


  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Multiple quality engineers and inspectors
  • In-coming and outgoing inspection processes
  • Durability testing
  • Impact testing
  • Salt spray testing
  • Brake testing
  • Temperature performance testing


Toll Free: 800-968-9631
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